Apollo SCM Pty 
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Air Freight 

By moving towards next-generation logistics centered on aircraft-based high-speed transport, we're committed to offering our customers new solutions to their transportation challenges.

Making the best possible use of our expansive knowledge of import and export  systems and customs procedures at all shipping and delivery locations also enables us to provide full support for our customers' global business affairs.

Air Freight

Ocean Fre​​​​ight 

Ocean freight business is one of the most important sector of our international logistics business. Our ocean freight experts offer a full range and tailor-made international logistics solutions backed by long-history of experiences and the latest knowledge and technology, enabling a seamless door-to-door global logistics across the globe.

At Apollo SCM Pty we provide complete infrastructure of logistic solution under one roof :
-          We are able to provide personalized service such as buy trading license on behalf of shipper and consignee in China.
-          Help collect payment from overseas buyers,
-          Monitor container stuffing on behalf of consignee
-          Introduce proper Chinese supplier for overseas buyers 
-          Find solution to any procedure and many more
Ocean Freight
Railway Freight 

Flexible, easily workable railway freight for lower costs, shorter lead times.
We have formed partnerships with China Railway Company to cater to every detail of customer requirements.
We are also able to provide services in combination with ocean freight, air freight, ground freight and other transportation modes in our role of global logistics provider.

Railway Freight
 Road Freight 

Utilising trailer operators covering the mainland china, no matter cargo locates at north or south of china.
•Full or part loads can be accommodated and we can also arrange for milk-ran delivery or distribution.
•We employ a very extensive range of haulage partners with both national and regional experience and local knowledge. •All quotations can be made whether for the spot market or global quotation for big customer .
•Our range of operating partners allows us to ensure the customer receives the best rates and service available.
Road Freight

We support complex global supply chain management 
Our ability to deliver services meeting a variety of needs.IT tools underpinned by practical operations.A wealth of SCM know-how grounded in substantial experience and extensive logistics networks